Spitballing Past Writer’s Block

Here’s a tip for when writer’s block has seized you in creative paralysis.

One day this past summer, I suffered from a mid-story blockage. I’d written what felt like half a story, but was unsure of where the action should go, unable to see what my characters should do. Taking a break from doing nothing, I watched the trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass. In the clip he tells the group of writers to toss out lousy ideas (paraphrasing). Like a wet gob of paper shot into the eye, the solution to my struggles struck: Spitballing. Continue reading “Spitballing Past Writer’s Block”

Read “Sap, Syrup, Sentiment & Such” in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine #18

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine #18

Thanks to Sam Rose for publishing my poem “Sap, Syrup, Sentiment & Such” in the Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, Issue #18. Buy your copy here (or click around and find the free PDF version, ya cheapskate).

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Michael Stackpole’s Secrets

Michael J. Stackpole

Do you struggle to shape your disparate ideas into book-length plots? Get practical advice on how it’s done from the guy whose Star Wars books inspired the upcoming film.

For almost two decades, I obsessively read books and blogs about writing in search of clues to unlocking genius. A few years ago, I realized there must also be podcasts about writing–still a new media form at the time. Sure enough, I searched a keyword combination that led to just such a podcast, produced by Michael Stackpole.

Continue reading “Michael Stackpole’s Secrets”