Do I Hinder Your Good Intentions?

416fdulawyl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Lately I’ve been working to complete a long project. A book, I dare say. Between writing and doing work that pays the bills, I’ve ignored this blog. It’s a shame. I enjoy publishing an article and seeing if anyone notices.

Unexpectedly this morning, however, a loud idea for a posting struck. The article could be composed quickly, without great imposition on my regular schedule. And the piece would be about spirituality, a topic not previously addressed here. The promise of a new subject was refreshing.

What inspired me? Synchronous readings. Coincidences usually trigger my “Is it odd or God?” response. They alert me to take notice, as if the Universe is winking at me. 

So it was with this morning’s spark. Continue reading “Do I Hinder Your Good Intentions?”