“Reframing Walter” at the Academy of Heart and Mind

Hey readers! My story “Reframing Walter” is now live at the Academy of the Heart and Mind website: https://academyoftheheartandmind.wordpress.com/2021/09/22/reframing-walter/

In this one, a patient gets an unusual glimpse into the life of his therapist. Another straightforward literary tale that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you for reading my work,


“Pinstripe Alley” now online

Hey readers! My flash fiction, “Pinstripe Alley” is now live at the Potato Soup Journal: http://potatosoupjournal.com/pinstripe-alley-by-russell-richardson/

It’s the story of two young boys who go bowling with their aunt and uncle. No vampires, werewolves, or demonically-possessed TV remotes in this one–just a short literary tale that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you for reading my work,

“Rider of the Wind” in A Story in 100 Words

Hey readers! What an honor . . . my story “Laid Off” has been accepted by Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, journal of the International Flash Fiction Association (IFFA).

Usually I wait until a story is printed or posted before announcing it because deals can fall through. But this is a prestigious publication, and I couldn’t keep this to myself. I’ll announce when the magazine is available.

In more immediate news, my story “Rider of the Wind” has been posted by A Story in 100 Words: http://entropy2.com/…/100…/2021/09/06/rider-of-the-wind/

Talk about a challenge. Try writing something compelling in exactly 100 words sometime . . . not so easy, folks! For this, I had the sensation of a scene and tweezed out from there.

If you read it–c’mon, this should only take you a minute or two–your feedback is welcome (as always).

If you’re keen on learning about story craft, time’s running out for registration. Sign up for my classes at: https://www.campusce.net/sunybroome/category/category.aspx

Thank you for reading.