Book Signing at Oakdale Mall 12/10/2017

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Don’t forget that I’ll be signing copies of “Super Cooper Saves the Day” today at Shop 607 at the Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY. I’ll be there from 1-3pm. If you plan to grab a copy at the store, arrive early because supplies are limited. More books can always be purchased at I’m excited to meet Super Cooper fans!


Jitter Issue 6 (King’s Tavern Blues)

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Jitter6.jpgJitter Issue 6


“King’s Tavern Blues” is an early story that I had forgotten, frankly. So it was a true surprise to learn that Jitter would be including it in their 6th issue of short stories. Not a tale for the faint of heart! Please consider buying a paperback copy of the issue here.

The Yellow Booke Journal, Volume 6, Available Now

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51KGywW18eL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Yellow Book: Dark Tarn of Auber, Sizza’s Clippaz, Twisted Soul: and Other Terrors: Original Horror, Weird Fiction, and Ghost Stories (Oldstyle Tales Original Fiction) (Volume 6)

My horror story “Sizza’s Clippaz” appears in the Yellow Booke Journal, Volume 6. The publisher planned to create an illustration for my story, but was gracious enough to allow my son, Oliver, to produce something instead. With sincere objectivity, I say Oliver’s piece is the best in the book. Thank you to Grant Kellermeyer for making this proud-papa moment possible–and for publishing my story. ‘Tis joy squared.

Fabula Argentea 5th Anniversary Anthology Available Now.

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Fabula Argentea 5th Anniversary Anthology

I am honored to have my story, “Rastaghosta,” included first in Fabula Argentea’s online issue this past July, and then in their fifth anniversary anthology in print. FA is a rare publisher that not only compensates their authors, but also explains publicly why the work was chosen. Here’s what they said about my story:

Super Cooper Saves the Day


51-uwi360bl-_sy361_bo1204203200_Super Cooper Saves the Day
Written & Illustrated by Russell Richardson

In late September, a Room to Heal / Make-A-Wish volunteer asked if I could illustrate a poster for a sick little boy. She explained that 4-year old Cooper Busch was born with Down Syndrome and is battling Leukemia. My heart strings sufficiently tugged, I offered to create a book instead–one which would not only celebrate Cooper, but could be used as a fund-raising tool.

Super Cooper Saves the Day is the result.

Do I Hinder Your Good Intentions?

Spiritual Matters

416fdulawyl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Lately I’ve been working to complete a long project. A book, I dare say. Between writing and doing work that pays the bills, I’ve ignored this blog. It’s a shame. I enjoy publishing an article and seeing if anyone notices.

Unexpectedly this morning, however, a loud idea for a posting struck. The article could be composed quickly, without great imposition on my regular schedule. And the piece would be about spirituality, a topic not previously addressed here. The promise of a new subject was refreshing.

What inspired me? Synchronous readings. Coincidences usually trigger my “Is it odd or God?” response. They alert me to take notice, as if the Universe is winking at me. 

So it was with this morning’s spark.

Technique Dada Cut-Up Burroughs

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to-make-a-dadaist-poem-by-tristan-tzaraThe idea for this post came while watching an episode of Luther. In one scene, Luther has spread crime photos across the floor. A detective enters, asking why the mess. Luther says he’s using the David Bowie decoupage technique. (I’m roughly paraphrasing, so forgive any inexactness.)

Ah-ha! I thought. The old William S. Burroughs cut-up technique! Was Bowie really a practitioner?

I ran to the internet to verify that Bowie was, in fact, a cutter-upper, and then to see his application, if possible.

What is the core of this scene?

Writing Advice

coppola4Francis Ford Coppola has published the notebook that he used while making The Godfather. This thrills me because I’ve repeatedly viewed a YouTube video of him displaying the notebook. Watch the video here.

Years ago I downloaded the video so I’d have it if ever it was removed. That’s how much I love this clip.

Seeing the effort that went into a masterpiece always encourages me. We’re often led to believe that great works are immaculately created. In truth, most, if not all of our favorite things, resulted from diligent, hard work. That gives hope that by applying time, focus, and knowledge of craft, plus challenging my imagination repeatedly, then good–maybe great–works are possible. That’s the hope, anyway.