New Coloring Book! “Super Cooper and Mrs. Cook: Friends Forever!”

Hey friends! I’m thrilled to present the latest publication. Written by Tara Busch, “Super Cooper and Mrs. Cook: Friends Forever!” is a coloring book illustrated by yours truly. It tells about Cooper’s relationship with Mrs. Cook, and how she upholds his legacy in her classroom. All proceeds go to the Super Cooper Saves the Day foundation. Order yours today from Amazon and get coloring! Buy your copy here!

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The Cloudmaker’s Recipe Book: A Christmas Tale

I love working on fun projects for little readers. (I have one at home, after all.) And boy am I crazy about making books. Hence, I am overjoyed to present “The Cloudmaker’s Recipe Book: A Christmas Tale” by my brother-from-another Brent Beckley.

This story of Jonathan Jeremiah Johnson will be a nifty stocking stuffer or a fun read any time of year. Illustrations by yours truly, of course. Order yours exclusively from Amazon, or contact us for potential discounts, bulk options, signed copies, etc.

Here’s what it’s about: Santa has many friends you know, like Jack Frost, Mother Nature, and even the Easter Bunny. But you’ve probably never heard of one of his oldest friends, Jonathan Jeremiah Johnson, the Cloudmaker. When he was a young man, Jonathan invented a machine he called the Terribly Terrific Tubthumper and began to make clouds in his home. When the neighbors complained about the noise, he wrote a letter to Santa for help, which is exactly what he got. Armed with his unique recipe book filled with special ingredients, his marvelous invention, and with a lot of help from Santas’ elves, Jonathan makes and sends magical clouds all around the world. This is the story of how a young inventor became one of Santa’s oldest friends.

If you get a copy, send a picture!

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Out today! “Nocturnal Medley: Fourteen Weird Tales” by Russell Richardson.

A struggling Hollywood writer and her grandmother enter a dangerous pact…a child gets a disturbing education in the attic…a pair of bandits flee across a desert…a strange arrival upends a family in 1800’s Boston…a pair of werebears disobey the dictum of their clan…a celebrated inventor raises the suspicions of an older mentor…an aging medium and a deceased Rastafarian embark on a road trip….

Pull the blankets to your chin and settle in to this medley of fourteen weird tales, a loving homage to Stephen King, The Twilight Zone, and Tales from the Crypt. This mix of five previously published stories and nine hot off the presses are guaranteed to chill your bones and disturb your sleep.

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Charlie in the Attic

Hey readers!

My story “Charlie in the Attic” appears in the just published, “Night Terrors Vol. 16: Short Horror Stories Anthology“. (The cover is . . . a bit much.)

I’m particularly proud of this story. In it, young Charlie wants to start elementary school, but receives an entirely different education in the attic instead. The publisher is releasing it in e-book and print-on-demand through Amazon:

…And an audiobook is in the works. A first for me.

If you’re interested in a free digital copy of the book, contact me. And thank you, as always, for your support.


Super Cooper Makes Everyone Smile–Out Now!

A sequel to the hit book, Super Cooper Saves the Day!

A little boy with a big personality . . . that is Super Cooper!
Cooper Busch is a loveable, energetic boy, born with Down Syndrome and diagnosed with Acute Myelod Leukemia. Super Cooper spreads smiles through town with his family and friends. He walks in the Hillcrest Booster Day parade; gives bubble machines, capes, and books to kindergarten classes; helps to build the Super Cooper Playground; host Cooperpalooza; and raises money for families who have been impacted by childhood cancer.
You can be a superhero like Super Cooper—just think of what you can do to make someone smile!

All proceeds go to the Super Cooper foundation.

Level Up and Die! — PUBLISHED!

Level Up and Die! (But the Print Edition) (Buy the E-book)

Written by Russell Richardson. Story idea by Samuel Richardson.

Twelve-year-old Steve Silver is an average kid, just trying to survive middle school. He’s a video game connoisseur who takes pride in knowing something about everything in the video game world…yet he’s never heard of Pirate Raiders.

His questions about the game result in stern warnings from Jerry, owner of the local video game store, and when Steve’s friends act strangely after binging on the game, something sinister seems afoot. Meanwhile, pirates are popping up around the world, wreaking havoc—even in Steve’s small city. He sees a connection between the game and the pirates. After his friends go missing, he learns the truth.

Now Steve, Jerry, and Esperanza, Steve’s middle-school crush, must enter the game, rescue his missing friends, and stop the pirate epidemic before it’s too late.

It started as a challenge. On a lazy summer day in 2019, Russell Richardson challenged Sam (then 11) to watch an R.L. Stine MasterClass and use the advice given to devise a story. Sam agreed . . . begrudgingly. When Sam described his big idea, Russell heard its promise. Together they outlined a Goosebumpsy novel…and that was the limit of Sam’s interest. Dad, however, could not bear to waste all that hard work. With Sam’s blessing, Russell proceeded to write the creepy YA-video-game-pirate-adventure book they had brainstormed together. We hope you enjoy…Level Up and Die!


Contact about the book

If you want to learn more about the book, order discounted copies, or schedule an author appearance, send us a message through the form below.

Abel’s Way

51lP3ofPf3L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_QL70_Abel’s Way
Abel James Williams, born April 29, 2013, was a compassionate, intelligent, and courageous boy. He loved outdoor activities, race cars, animals, documentaries, and sitting quietly for hours building intricate structures out of any material available. Abel was a natural-born leader, inspiring his friends and everyone who met him, and entertaining them with his vibrant sense of humor. Although Abel was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Neuroblastoma, he never felt sorry for himself and continued to see the best in the world. We should all be more like Abel! Abel was a warrior and fought his cancer valiantly. He passed away on January 20, 2018, but he will be remembered forever by those who knew him. This book commemorates his spirit and the lessons he taught by example. Abel’s family is donating all proceeds to Neuroblastoma research.

Order now from Amazon.

The Many Adventures of Mya

5124689jS8L._AC_US218_The Many Adventures of Mya
Mya J. Corigliano was born in Rome, NY, on May 8, 2016. She had a passion for life and was always smiling. She will be remembered for her mischievous smile, beautiful blue eyes, and messy hair. Her strength and fearlessness made her a true superhero, who courageously battled cancer. She went to join the angels on December 19, 2017. This book celebrates her life. All proceeds go to the family.

Buy now at Amazon.

Book Signing at Oakdale Mall 12/10/2017

Don’t forget that I’ll be signing copies of “Super Cooper Saves the Day” today at Shop 607 at the Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY. I’ll be there from 1-3pm. If you plan to grab a copy at the store, arrive early because supplies are limited. More books can always be purchased at I’m excited to meet Super Cooper fans!