“Fruit Fight” at Literary Yard

Hey Readers,

My story “Fruit Fight” is now live at Literary Yard.

It is, I hope, an interesting spin on a domestic disagreement.

Twelve of my stories have been published in 2021. It’s been a satisfying year. Additionally, I’ve begun writing for Posting & Toasting, a NY Knicks community in the SBNation family. Here’s a recent game preview that I wrote. The best part about it? I submitted my first article to them on my 15 year sober anniversary. How fitting it is to start an exciting new journey on that milestone date.

Thank you for your continued support.




Hey Readers! My story “Bandidos” is now live at the Frontier Tales website: https://frontiertales.com/2021/10Oct/bandidos.php

This was my trial run at the Western genre. (Novel now in progress.) If you enjoy the story, please vote for it on the Frontier Tales home page. Each month, the site runs a poll on the latest batch of tales. The winners are collected in a printed, annual anthology, and I’d love to be included in that.

Thank you for reading my work,

“Pinstripe Alley” now online

Hey readers! My flash fiction, “Pinstripe Alley” is now live at the Potato Soup Journal: http://potatosoupjournal.com/pinstripe-alley-by-russell-richardson/

It’s the story of two young boys who go bowling with their aunt and uncle. No vampires, werewolves, or demonically-possessed TV remotes in this one–just a short literary tale that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you for reading my work,

“Rider of the Wind” in A Story in 100 Words

Hey readers! What an honor . . . my story “Laid Off” has been accepted by Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, journal of the International Flash Fiction Association (IFFA).

Usually I wait until a story is printed or posted before announcing it because deals can fall through. But this is a prestigious publication, and I couldn’t keep this to myself. I’ll announce when the magazine is available.

In more immediate news, my story “Rider of the Wind” has been posted by A Story in 100 Words: http://entropy2.com/…/100…/2021/09/06/rider-of-the-wind/

Talk about a challenge. Try writing something compelling in exactly 100 words sometime . . . not so easy, folks! For this, I had the sensation of a scene and tweezed out from there.

If you read it–c’mon, this should only take you a minute or two–your feedback is welcome (as always).

If you’re keen on learning about story craft, time’s running out for registration. Sign up for my classes at: https://www.campusce.net/sunybroome/category/category.aspx

Thank you for reading.


Charlie in the Attic

Hey readers!

My story “Charlie in the Attic” appears in the just published, “Night Terrors Vol. 16: Short Horror Stories Anthology“. (The cover is . . . a bit much.)

I’m particularly proud of this story. In it, young Charlie wants to start elementary school, but receives an entirely different education in the attic instead. The publisher is releasing it in e-book and print-on-demand through Amazon: https://readerlinks.com/l/1921330

…And an audiobook is in the works. A first for me.

If you’re interested in a free digital copy of the book, contact me. And thank you, as always, for your support.


“Pete’s Sign” in The Quiet Reader

I’m thrilled that my story “Pete’s Sign” is included in the upcoming issue of The Quiet Reader. It became available at their site on 5/1. Read it here.

Don’t forget to check out my YA book LEVEL UP AND DIE!, now available! Learn more at http://www.levelupanddie.com.

Finally, there will be a few more publication announcements right around the corner. Stay tuned and thank you for your support. Peace and love, Rx.