Publishing Services

I can make your publishing dreams a reality.

As a kid who fantasized about being a writer, I thought publishing was an impossible mystery, an impenetrable frontier. In the age of Amazon, publishing’s become pretty easy, actually.

Since 1996, I have worked in the publishing industry as a copywriter, layout artist, illustrator, book cover designer, editor, Creative Director, Adobe expert, printer liaison, print- and e-marketer, online advertiser, and web site developer. My experience spans all manner of publishing and internet services. I’ve designed hundreds of book covers currently on Amazon. I still work with publishers today.

For the past few years I have freelanced from home, which gives me the flexibility to be a stay-at-home dad. It’s a great gig.

Not only have I worked at every stage of the publishing process, I’ve published my own. I’ve created books for children with cancer, with all proceeds going to their families. And I’ve helped my father and friends publish their works, too.

Now I’m offering my unique set of skills to you.

If any of the following applies to you, I can help.

Are you struggling to write your book or put your idea down on paper?
Does your completed draft require editing?
Does your book need illustrations?
Does your manuscript need to be laid out for printing?
Does your book need a cover?
Are you ready to publish your book, but don’t know how?
Does your published book lack a website?
Does your published book need marketing help?
Does your published book need online advertising?

Don’t feel intimidated. Wherever you are on the publishing timeline, I can help you reach your goal. I am passionate about books and about helping others. It will be my pleasure to help you make a good book and publish it on Amazon so people can start buying it.

What will it cost? That depends on your needs. Elaborate in the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss pricing.

You’ve waited long enough. Whether you want to write children’s books, spy novels, a memoir, etc., let me help you realize your dream of becoming a published author today. Complete the form below so we can start discussing your project.