Technique Dada Cut-Up Burroughs

to-make-a-dadaist-poem-by-tristan-tzaraThe idea for this post came while watching an episode of Luther. In one scene, Luther has spread crime photos across the floor. A detective enters, asking why the mess. Luther says he’s using the David Bowie decoupage technique. (I’m roughly paraphrasing, so forgive any inexactness.)

Ah-ha! I thought. The old William S. Burroughs cut-up technique! Was Bowie really a practitioner?

I ran to the internet to verify that Bowie was, in fact, a cutter-upper, and then to see his application, if possible. Continue reading “Technique Dada Cut-Up Burroughs”


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Courage is no mask
Fabricated by the mind
But the heart’s whisper

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